Friday, July 19, 2013

TITAN Escape the Tower 2 APK Full

TITAN Escape the Tower
TITAN Escape the Tower 2 APK Full.

Titan is an innovative lock switch in which you control a cube in the center of the screen that allows you to move a ball in all directions and destroy the bricks.In this game, you do not have reflections, because it is within an enclosed space and the ball can not leave.This is the intellectual capacity and the strategy that will carry the day. In each scenario, different surprises and puzzles await you … you have to try to understand how to get out, and above all, how to avoid pitfalls. Some bricks can be destroyed by the ball, others by its sheath. Teleporters allow you to navigate from one area to another, makes ice slides while robot-pods deadly traps and try to hunt you try to destroy you …

• 80 levels of the original game diabolical
• A captivating futuristic universe
• Excellent 3D environments
• An original game featuring a variety of situations (delete a step on the ball to break the blocks with the racket, using teleporters, and much more …)
• 8 different universes that offer their own specific pitfalls and subtleties of the game (prison, Techno, Forest, Ice, Water, Air, Fire, Alien)
• With two difficulty levels, normal and original, this version offers the same conditions as the original game (speed, number of lives), with the added advantage of being able to save your progress.
• two camera positions (close and distant)
• two camera angles (seen from above, the same as for the original TITAN, and the perspective view)

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