Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BigDX Clean Theme CM10 AOKP 1.8 APK Full

BigDX Clean Theme CM10 AOKP

BigDX Clean Theme CM10 AOKP 1.8 APK Full. This theme is not for pitchers. This theme for devices that are rooted and running a custom ROM that supports Theme Chooser.When applying the theme in the Theme that you might get a message that says “This issue is not active for display devices”

✮ ✮ Click Apply anyway ✮ ✮
To apply the theme also in the Chooser theme you might get an error that says “This theme was improperly compiled and can not be applied”
✮ ✮ to address this topic applies only system, Restart, and apply this theme again ✮ ✮
If that does not work, try going to system settings, applications, ALL, find “Theme Chooser” delete data and / or cache.

Custom original design work
Custom Wallpaper
3500 Custom Images!
I love a nice dark theme, that’s why I created the very popular Extreme Jelly Bean theme. But now I wanted something a little lighter. I wanted to get away from black backgrounds and go with a color theme dark gray / light. I wanted it to be clear and clean. That is what this issue is about.
If you see something that does not look right, please let me know. It is difficult to know how it’s gonna be so many ROMs and devices. There are things I can not change the theme to the theme selector, but I’ll definitely try. Many more updates to this topic to come!

You need ROOT and custom ROM that supports the theme engine
★ This theme will work for the following ROM ★
- CM 9, 10, 10.1
- Paranoid Android
- Slim
- Eclipse
- Baked Bean
- Liquid
- Carbon
- Gummy

★ ★ This theme is designed to MDPI, HDPI and xhdpi devices ★ ★

★ ★ phones, tablets and phablets ★ ★

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