Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pixlgun 3D – Survival Shooter 2.8.1 APK Full

Pixlgun 3D – Survival Shooter 2.8.1 APK Full

Pixlgun 3D – Survival Shooter 2.8.1 APK Full. What’s in this version: Added shop with many cool & usefull tools. Welcome to the World Block Pixlgun full of zombies and enemies walk all … It is a story about heroes pixel must survive! Do not let fear seeds grow on the head!
The number of enemies constantly increasing and after a short playing time have hordes of zombies attacking you from all sides, so you can not relax, it is in the journey … When the dead can dodge their attacks near or flee. It is a modern battlefield with different skins zombies. Guide your hero!
You need to choose your weapon and shoot em down, imagine you are in operations.
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Destroy all the zombies in the road in the first map to open the portal to the next field! Build your battle in this extreme survival game! You left four dead in deadly sand and have a single mission: to strike against the enemy attack! No tricks! I only play hardcore! Free your mind … Servive try!
Interesting features:
- Weapons awesome! Pistol, Uzi, Shotgun, and new weapons and powerful rare. Try to find them all!
- New maps huge: Secret Fortress, Isle of Zombies, deadly Pyramids, Horror Hospital and many others!
- Hardcore gameplay!

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