Monday, July 15, 2013

Mountain Crime: Requital 1.0 APK Full

Mountain Crime: Requital 1.0 APK Full

Mountain Crime: Requital 1.0 APK Full. Someone is killing the guests at a mountain resort, and you could be next if you do not solve the mystery at the heart of this thriller! Take the role of a doctor who has convened a remote hotel to attend to a patient, and hold on to your sanity as you discover the first victim moments upon arriving at the shelter. As night falls and a storm rages outside, you’ll question the other guests, search for clues and become entangled in a noose that tightens with your discovery of each new body.

To escape with your life, you must search hidden object scenes useful objects, crack brain-bending puzzles and read newspaper clippings that reveal the hotel horrible past. As the picture of what is happening slowly comes into focus, two questions take shape in your mind: What ties do you have to the hotel? Why one of the victims claim to be the murderer? The answer will surprise you!

Six chapters ◇
Mini-games ◇
Hidden object scenes ◇
Unlimited tracks and tips ◇
Enhanced graphics ◇

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