Monday, July 22, 2013

Mobile Gameboy FULL APK v1.13.11

Mobile Gameboy FULL APK v1.13.11

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Emulator for the popular Nintendo Gameboy & Gameboy Color. Includes some games, f.e. Q-Bert, Little Fantasy, Jetpak DX, ready to play.

Mobile Gameboy FULL APK v1.13.11 for android application
Other games can be stored to the SD card and loaded from there.

Full version with more features (e.g. saving emulator state) available. Features of the full version can be unlocked via ads. Permissions required to display these ads as well as for saving game states on the sd card.

What’s New
-bug fixes

Unlocking instruction:
1- Install the apk file and run it.
2- Run a game.
3- Select “Snapshot”,a dialog screen about buying full version will shown.
4- Push the ad above dialog screen.
5- Close the app.
6- Run Mobile Gameboy FULL version and enjoy!

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