Saturday, July 20, 2013

Floating Toucher 1.5 APK Full

Floating Toucher
Floating Toucher 1.5 APK Full.

Toucher float is specially designed for Android. Toucher floating fleet is a button on the screen by other applications, and can be moved anywhere. Contains floating Toucher used switches Android system and all installed applications, you can control the device or Please open your application easily without leaving the current application.

Besides that, it may be only through:
1. Customizing panel functions, pick your most used switches or applications favor
2. Create applications folder or switches
3. Change button style floating or DIY your own button.
4. Change the color of the panel, or customize your own color.

List of features:
1. Clearing the memory
2. BACK / HOME button (Need Root)
3. applications for
4. recent Applications
5. The system
-Brightness display
-Ring mode
-APN (mobile network)
-Airplan mode
-WIFI hotspot

What’s New V1.5 update:
1. New feature: Support shortcut
2. New feature: Support custom panel color
3. New feature: Support “Wifi hotspot” and “Expand status bar”
4. Add languages: Russian, French, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese for Brazil
5. Add options:
Enable/Disable “Stick point to screen border”
Enable/Disable “Panel animation”
6. Floating Touch is now renamed to Floating Toucher

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