Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flight Theory Flight Simulator 1.1 APK Full

Flight Theory Flight Simulator 1.1 APK Full
Flight Theory Flight Simulator 1.1 APK Full.

Fly over the mountains, valleys, waterfalls, canyons and caves. Landing your plane on an aircraft carrier, airfields and airports. Fly over the ranges, or cover dodge trees. Unlock new airfields, aircraft, missions and challenges!Theory of Flight is a flight simulator that focuses on realism and fun. Tilt the device to control the plane. Drag your finger across the screen to look around and enjoy the view.Perform a perfect landing and the top of the leader board or just fly around for fun!

- 3D virtual booths.
- Heaven dynamic. Choose your favorite time to fly – morning, afternoon or evening? Pick a random time and see the sun and moon across the sky while flying.
- Land on aircraft carriers and airfields.
- Detailed 3D terrain. It rises over the mountains, valleys, trees and rivers.
- Airports unlockables and missions. Complete a mission unlocks the next in the series. Each mission can be played with start and end positions randomly.
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- Online leaderboards and achievements. Each landing is obtained by a number of factors. Perfectly aligned, the earth gently, and you will be rewarded with a great score!
- Focusing on realism and fun. Theory of Flight simulates posts, lift, drag, fins, etc..
- Free flight mode.
- World War 1 / World War 2 era aircraft and more.

Flight Theory is continuously developing a simulator. Please send any suggestions for improvements, new aircraft or features you would like to see in future updates.Fasten your seat belt and put the trays in the upright position. Theory of Flight is a journey. Take off today!

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