Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Feed My Element 1.0 APK Full

Feed My Element

Feed My Element 1.0 APK Full.

Play the role of a beautiful witch whose job is to feed the cute babies elementary.Have you ever wondered where the magic comes from the different elementary fantastic universes?What if, behind the scenes, someone had the task of raising small elemental spells, helping them grow before sending in different worlds, as they were called?

In Feed My Element, you are the manager of a kindergarten to elementary school children. Each of them has different tastes and it’s your job to match the right food with the right item.Make them happy and earn lots of points!
- The natural elements: water, air, earth, fire
- Mixed Elements (marriage between two elements of nature): lightning, metal, mist, poison, ground, ice
- Advanced element (marriage between a natural and mixed element): light, shadows, ghosts, undead
- Neutral element, a group by itself: the result of the 4 elements of nature together.
Just basic aliments available. It’s your job to combine them in order to get the right combination of different elements!

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