Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Control Center – iOS 7 Style v1.2 Apk

Important Note: if you meet crash after update and "Unknown error code:-24", pls uninstall it and reinstall the version again. It's because new version for some bug fix has compatibility issue with old version.

Control Center is an iOS 7 Style and Android Capability Control Center. You can get the iPhone user experience in Android Phone!

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Major Feature:
- Support iPhone iOS 7 UI Style and Assistive Touch feature
- Support same look and touch feeling with iPhone
- Support wifi on/off
- Support rotation on/off
- Support volume up/down
- Support data connection(2G/3G/4G) on/off
- Support volume silent
- Support bluetooth and flashlight on/off
- Support Airplane Mode, Brightness, Vibration function
- Support quickly open Clock
- Support quickly open Calculator
- Support quickly launch Camera
- Support quickly open GameCenter
- Support above function in lock screen
- Support GPS and Data sync On/Off
- Support French and Russian
- Support shortcut in Samsung Phone and Nexus 4

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1.How to use it in MIUI?
A: You have to go to: settings->applications->Control center Then you have to activate the option "show popup windows" and give all the permissions to the app.Finally you have to restart the service. Thanks Pepe's reminder.
Thanks Mohammed Aziz for demonstration video.
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