Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The adventures of Zip 1.0 APK Full

The adventures of Zip
The adventures of Zip 1.0 APK Full

The adventures of Zip 1.0 APK Full. Meet Zip, a rabbit, a hero and a danger to all the carrots. Guide your hero through 4 unique worlds and over 40 levels in a quest to rescue his friends and restore peace to the woods. Travel through the darkest corners of the Jungle, boldly explore frozen ice lands, heroic adventure through the depths of hidden caves.

A fast paced jumping adventure time simple and unique. A game without violence setting for youth and adults. Get ready for an adventure filled with incredible graphics, a hero who is awesome he is pink and carrots!A new spin on the platforming genre, incredibly simple yet addictive to play. A game inspired by the classics of the genre, an easy game to learn, but not so easy to master, an affair with a stunning rabbit!

Controls super simple! Just click on the buttons – Zip will do the rest! Do not forget carrots though. Zip loves carrots!Use trampolines to your advantage! Go to get higher. Go to flee. Jump to avoid being captured by the bad guys. Go to collect carrots. Go because it’s fun!Use environmentally friendly! Wake Forest plants and creatures, traps or teleport turn away from trouble (or in).Fleeing from the bad. Over 10 different types bad for you to handle!Explore 4 different worlds full of adventure grand!

Game Features:
+ New Unique twist on the classic platform game.
+ 4 amazing worlds to explore.
+ Adorable and super rabbit heroic protagonist.
+ Over 10 different bad guys. (Also lovely)
+ HD graphics.
+ Optimized for all Android devices.
+ More than 40 levels!
+ Bonus! Levels.
+ Game nonviolent.
+ Addictive!
+ Easy!
+ Fun for kids and adults!

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