Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Boy! GBA Emulator 1.5.7 APK Full

My Boy! GBA Emulator 1.5.7 APK Full

My Boy! – GBA Emulator 1.5.7 APK Full

My boy! is a super fast emulator to run Game Boy Advance games in the widest range of Android devices, from very low-end mobile modern tablets. It does more than emulate the full system. Thanks to state-saving, you can save your progress at any time and return to it instantly. And while enabling rapid progress in the game, skip the long introductions / dialogues boring RPGs.

• fast emulation. Easily reach 60 FPS frame skip-free midrange devices.
• Excellent compatibility with games. Run nearly all games without any problem.
• Battery saving as much as possible.
• Emulation cable, either on the same device or devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, running at a decent speed.
• Gyroscope / tilt / solar sensor emulation rumble through the Android hardware sensors and vibrator!
• Enter GameShark cheat codes / ActionReplay / CodeBreaker multilined and enable / disable on the fly while the game is running.
• The high-level BIOS emulation. No need BIOS file.
• IPS / UPS patches ROM
• OpenGL rendering backend and the normal delivery on devices without a GPU.
• Fast Forward to skip long histories and slow games to reach beyond a level that can not be in normal speed.
• Save games screen anytime
• Screen keyboard (multi-touch requires Android 2.0 or later) as well as direct access buttons, as load / save.
• A screen layout editor very powerful, with which you can define the position and size of each of the onscreen controls and for the game.
• controllers external support, either through the Android natively or input method.
• Well-designed user interface. Tightly integrated with the latest Android.
• Create and change to profiles of different allocation key and screen layout.
• Create shortcuts to launch your favorite games easily from your desktop.

No games are included in this application and you need to get yours in a legal way. Place them on the SD card and browse to them from within the application.

What’s New
• [core] Fixed very large obj displaying across bottom.
• [core] Fixed sprites rendering cycles for a series of games.
• [core] Fixed a tile rendering bug.
• [core] Fixed an interrupt handling bug.
• [core] Fixed a window clipping bug.
• Truncate game file to 32M if it is too large, instead of showing error upon loading.

My Boy! GBA Emulator 1.5.7 APK Full

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